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Seduction, how to seduce who you want (Engineering Method of Seduction)

Hello everyone, my name is Massimo Taramasco i am an expert in seduction, subliminal persuasion and emotional communication. For more than twenty years study the rules and laws that govern the emotional involvement. I developed the method of engineering of seduction. I'm a writer author of the bestselling Italian engineering of seduction.
what it means to seduce someone?

seduce means engaging on an emotional level.
certainly does not mean to pickup
the pickup artist are just some of the people sexist and idiotic
a seductive woman is not a woman who knows how to sexually attract a man.
A seductive woman knows how to fall in love with the man who wants to without having sex. many men fall in love wanting to make love and not fall in love making love.
seduce means engaging on an emotional level

the human mind has a logical side and an emotional side.
these two parties have different goals. the logical part seeks esteem and consideration, the emotional emotions.
the emotional part does not distinguish between good and evil, between pleasure and pain.

If you ever fall in love with who made you suffer means that your emotional side in that situation was feeding of pain and not of pleasure
Paradoxically, we can fall in love with those who reject logically and not being able to fall in love who we want.
if we want to seduce someone we must learn to involve them on an emotional level.
engineering of seduction comes to help us in this.
laws and rules that govern the seduction are not logical but emotional. logically, however, can be learned and used in the life of our interest:
relationships with family, emotional and sexual relationships, working relationships, self-esteem and emotional control.
we have to learn the language and non-verbal analog symbolic of the emotional sphere.
we must learn to decode the emotional language of the people we care about. understand the needs of their emotional side
we have to learn how to boost the emotions that have compressed the people we want to involve
such as these are analog signals that indicate that a person has a conflict with her mother or had such a conflict when he was a child.
these non-verbal analog signals indicate that the person has or has had, when he was a child conflict with his father.

  those who live a conflict with the mother I involve presenting me with problems.
if I try to solve its problems I will come rejected.

if a person moistens the lips in this way means that I'm engaging on an emotional level, if you touch your nose in this way means that it is rejecting me. in this case I have to change behavior.

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